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Justin Greer

My vision for the City of Barberton is one that everyone has a voice no matter party affiliation. We need a town where everyone is informed, represented and included equally — my mission to serve the people of Ward 1 and the City of Barberton.

Far too often decisions for the residents of Barberton are being made by an unrepresentative group of people. The decisions being made do not always reflect the values of our community or have the sustainability of our city in mind.

I will navigate the system leading the way as I have with my soldiers. We will be a force not to be reckon with while maintaining compromise, compassion, and integrity.

We can rebuild the trust that has been lost and provide the transparency that faded away but I am going to need your help. Actions speak loader than words, so take action and Vote this November. Vote Greer for Barberton City Council Ward 1.

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My Plan

Involves You

Community involvement has the power to bring positive, measurable change to our communities in which we live. I believe our ward should have an advocate that creates and maintains an unrestricted flow of information.

I will establish public channels that allow residents to easliy access informaiton when needed, and be presented information openly. Utilizing social media, email, text message and door to door activity, you will never be left without answers.

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Justin Greer discussing technology with High School Students

Making Barebrton

Business Friendly

Businesses Small and Large invest money into their operations, we need to incubate business instead of stall it. This means guiding business from the time of purchasing a building to zoning requirements and foreseeable issues.

My plan involves creating a business resource hub and committee that reaches out to new and established businesses and ensures that are aided with legal, zoning/building, and financial counseling to lower the risk of operating a business in Barberton.

Justin Greer with Summer at Barberton Mum Garden

Rebuild Trust

I will work to rebuild the trust and belief in our local Government. Restoring confidence and putting the people of Barberton first is the first step.

Complete Transparency Open Communication Community Involvement Frequent Ward Meetings
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