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Barberton’s Pit Stop Purchase


If you have been paying attention at all with local politics, you more than likely have seen the something about the City of Barberton purchasing the Pit Stop property at 425 W Hopocan Ave. This property sits almost of the corner of Wooster and Hopocan Ave. During the May 21, 2018 City Council meeting, Judge Mckenny pled his case why Barberton needs to build a new courthouse. Judge McKenny also had a strong reason why the police station should be there as well. 

You can listen to the audio recording of the meeting in its entity by clicking here.

I have seen a few questions ask around this purchase and some are legit. The big one to date so far is why is the city paying for $300k for a property that was purchased for $100k just a few short years ago. Here is my opinion on the current purchase price. The sale is being made by a private seller and he can ask whatever he wants for the property. If the city came to me and said they want to buy my home, I would say they can have it for $300k even if it is worth $100k.

So where is the funds coming from for the purchase of the Pit Stop in Barberton?

This is a great question! Over the past decade, the courts have paid into a court fund for this specific reason! I Just want to be clear, to my knowledge, this money was gained through court fees and not fines. Some may ask why this even matters and I will happily answer that. If the funds came from money collected through fines, it would fall in a public fund. This would mean that the city would have to go through the process of using public funds to make the purchase. Currently, the funds for the purchase of the property is coming from a special court fund and not public money.

We will be paying for the buildings, Make no mistake about it.

Purchasing the property is just the first step. When it comes to building on the property, we will be fronting a large portion of the bill. When I say we, I mean the tax payers. There are a lot of grants being applied for to help fund the project. At this point just how much the this project will cost the tax payers is unknown.

Interesting Information

Below are some things that I found interesting but may or may not be related to anything. That the information for what it is,

  • In 2011, Jane E Judge owned the property for $165k.
  • The property was sold for an undisclosed amount in 2014
  • The seller of the property currently is the same owner of JoJo’s drive-thru and has filed to be rezoned at the same exact time the city is paying 100% more than the property on Hopacan is worth.

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