Month: July 2018

Honor Crewing the RiteAid KidScents DreamShip at the Hall of Fame Balloon Classic

This past weekend I was invited by some friends to crew for the DreamShip hot air balloon at the Football Hall of Fame Balloon Classic. The DreamShip is a very special balloon and has roughly a 1/3rd if… Read More

The Most Humbling Selfish Act of Kindness, Barberton Ohio and Salvation Army

Every 4th Friday, the Barberton Salvation Army hosts a Food Bank. If you do not know about this service, don’t feel bad. I have been involved and I had absolutely no idea how involved and elaborate the Food… Read More

Defensiveness About Criticism; A Barberton Curse Decades Old

There is a great article written about how to deal with public criticism properly titled “The Difficult Art of Responding to Public Criticism“. I found this article when it was first published about 2 years ago. I was led… Read More

Barberton, will you be force to put a cell tower near your yard?

At the last council meeting, I was introduced to a new bill that could potentially change some public land and even residences own property and landscapes around town. The things to note here is that these changes currently… Read More

10 things about Barberton that you may not have known

I am a local history nerd and I find myself knee-deep in books and photographs of Barberton’s history all the time. I have visited just about ever historic location in Barberton and even found the ones that are… Read More