Submit your road for repair in 2019 in Barberton

In recent City of Barberton council meetings, the Mayor and Service Director Mike Vinay instructed each council member to reach out to their constituents (citizens they represent) and collect a list of roads for the 2019 road repair projects. If you ever wondered how the roads are chosen in Barberton, this is a critical step. I have not seen any public request for this information from any council member to date. I have decided to put together a way that anyone in the City of Barberton can make their voice heard.

Fill out the form below and I PROMISE your voice will be heard. The form below will generate an email that will be sent to each council member with your name and recommended street for repair. You will also be sent a copy of the email for your records.

I will follow up with the council members to be sure they have received the emails and are taking your submission into consideration.

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