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This past weekend I was invited by some friends to crew for the DreamShip hot air balloon at the Football Hall of Fame Balloon Classic. The DreamShip is a very special balloon and has roughly a 1/3rd if the balloons panels are designed by children of fallen and wounded Veterans. It is sponsored by RiteAid’s KidCents program and flown by two person crew. They travel the States and attend events to show off the artwork and spark conversations about the reality of the sacrifices made by our Military and their family.

When I was asked to help crew I was unsure what to expect since I  have only helped setup a balloon 1 time. A good friend on mine has been crewing for balloons for a while and thought it would be great if we would get some Veterans to help crew the DreamShip while they were in town.

Crewing for a hot air balloon consist of helping unpacking the balloon, inflating and ensuring that the balloon is set to go for its flight. The crew also is tasks with chasing the balloon down where ever it goes. Other than having the honor of crewing for the DreamShip, this was the best part for me. Balloons travel with the wind and this make the landing location unknown. Chasing the balloon can was exciting. It reminded me of chasing storm or something along those lines.

All-in-all the experience is something that I wont forget. The DreamShip is an awesome balloon that has an amazing story behind it.

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