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Being part of a community is more than juts living there. What makes a community better is the people! The people are the very foundation of every town. It is our job as citizens of Barberton, Ohio to make our home safer. By being active in the community our town will only get better.

Where to start?

The biggest way for the community to step up here in Barberton, Ohio is to be active. I know the saying “See Something, Say Something” is used all the time but it holds true. Many times I see people want to complain about something but then do nothing to change it. I am here to tell you that no matter what it is, we the people and as individuals have the ability to make change.

Report Drug Activity / Dealers Anonymously

I see and hear it all the time. Someone will say that there is a drug house or activity. The issue is that most of the time is just talk. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We have a huge drug problem in Ohio and we need to help those that need help and rid the people who enable it. Visit the link below to report illegal activity without outing yourself.


Be the Change You Want

Often times, government wants to say the header but alienates individuals when doing so. I am fed up with the drug issue and I am not scared whose feelings I hurt. There needs to be something done about it. Addicts are not bad and need help. The people who need to be put away are the dealers, suppliers, and the enablers. Stand up and report drug problems.

Helping others that are in a time of need is rewarding. I get the same “high” helping someone as I did on the battle field in Iraq. Being generous and doing the right thing one-act at a time will make Barberton better. We will grow and be known for good. Remember, the people are what Barberton great.

I am compiling a packet of information in the coming weeks to help you help others. Stay Tuned!

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