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Every 4th Friday, the Barberton Salvation Army hosts a Food Bank. If you do not know about this service, don’t feel bad. I have been involved and I had absolutely no idea how involved and elaborate the Food Bank is here in Town. Along with BACM and other local churches these organizations lend a hand when a hand is needed. The people who help are almost all volunteers and they all are AMAZING people.

This past Friday I had the honor to spend my morning at the Barberton Salvation Army. Through the chaos and crowds, there was a glow. I was greeted as soon as I walked in by random volunteers that have been giving their time for years. The local NCS organization was in the room with people handing out information while there was a line coming through the front door to check-in. From Joyce and Bethany at the front desk to the lovely ladies and Josh in the back, I was surrounded by a hidden gem in Barberton.

At times you may see me call someone out but more times than not I try to promote the good that I come in contact with each day. Even with all the things I have done in life, I still find the greatest equalizer is to help make someone else’s life a little easier that it was before they met you. No act of kindness is ever wasted. The Salvation Army location here in town is wonderful and provides great services. I highly suggest taking some time to just say “hi” or show up with some time in hand.

I like to spend my time helping others either by my time or by providing information. As long as my business allows me the time and resources, I will continue to educate myself while educating others. With all this and the support of my Family, I have been fortunate enough to do what I like to do here in my community. I would love to share this experience with others. I extend my hand to anyone that would like to volunteer when they have time. You can contact me or the Barberton Salvation Army directly.

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