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Justin Greer - The City of Barberton

I believe you should always ask questions, call out names of positions directly when needed, and stand up and hold your ground when the odds are against you. You are judged not by the way you fall but how you choose to get back up and try again.

I have seen what can happen when the community stands together. We have moved the needle when it comes to movements, advocation, and hard work. We have been heard and listened to. Let’s continue the movement forward where transparency is the norm.

As your next representative for the City of Barberton, I have set forth goals that I want to tackle. Below is a list of items I will be addressing during my time in office.

  • Co-design and implement a deposit system with the Parks and Recreation Department instead of an unfair monetization of public space.
  • Work with the Barberton City Schools to design yearly updated maps for Downtown Barberton in key areas.
  • Install fishing line disposable stations at all public fishing locations including Lake Anna, Breitenstine Park, and Canal/River Areas in Barberton.
  • Create and provide resources including checklists for new businesses in Barberton.
  • Develop a program that helps incentivize homeownership and helps guide residents to become the best citizen possible.
  • Upgrade the system to record and transcribe public meetings. Remove cassette tape recordings and move to digital recorders with cloud support.
  • Review current technologies being utilized and suggest changes to serve the people of Barberton better and save money.
  • Create a better support channel for citizens to contact the proper people in the City of Barberton when there is an issue or suggestion.
  • Propose changes to the charter that increase the minimum requirements for information distribution. The proposed changes would require the City of Barberton to recognize social media as a valid media platform.
  • Review the process of review boards and recommend ways to streamline applications.
  • Look at and possibly amend the City Charter to have non-partisan primaries so Barberton can focus on what we have in common rather than our differences.

I will link each goal to a specific article with reasoning and details when they become available.

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