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Common Questions with Answers about Voting in the Primary

For the last week or so, I have been approached and asked questions about the Primary and how our system works when it comes to voting. With the same questions every day, I see there is a need for answers at a larger scale. So in this post, I put out some information about how the system works by answering the questions I have been asked in hopes that it helps as many as possible.

First off, I want to mention that there is nothing wrong with not knowing how certain things work in our electoral system. The fact that people are asking shows me that there are some genuine concerns and interests this coming election season. I will also note that there was a lot of questions asked about the mayoral race. I will be honest and blunt about the names as I want to keep the questions as close to the original as possible. It, in no way, exhibits my endorsement for any candidate but rather provides details to best answer the questions I have been receiving on a daily basis.

Below is a list of questions followed by my answers to each.

Can I vote for Carla Debevec even though I am a Republican?

The short answer is YES! Ohio is an Open Primary State, and we are free to vote as we please every year. If you consider yourself a Republican, you have to ask for a Democrat Ballot this primary. The term Open Primary means that citizens do not register for a political party but rather designate a party when selecting a ballot during the primaries. No matter your party affiliation, you can vote for whomever you want.

I want to be clear, the primaries are designed to choose a candidate to move to the general election in November. I would encourage you to do your homework if you are wanting to vote for Carla Debevec and need to pull a Democrat ballot. I say this because, while you may want to ask for a Democrat ballot, you will be forgoing your vote for any Republicans elsewhere in the County or State races.

When you go to vote in September, ask for a Democrat Ballot. Be sure you get the Democrat ballot. The volunteers should ask you when you walk up to sign in. Just be sure you get the proper ballot. I can’t emphasize this enough. Ask for a Democrat Ballot if you want to vote for Mrs. Debevec.

If I do ask for a Democrat ballot to vote for Carla Debevec for Mayor, will my political party affiliation change?

Yes. Make no mistake. When you pull a Democrat ballot or a Republican ballot, you are also designating your party affiliation for a least a year. I want to follow up with my thoughts on this. I DO NOT care and neither should you about political parties. Party Politics only create a divide and exploit differences at a local level that are entirely irrelevant to Barberton. Vote for the best candidates locally and leave the party affiliation nonsense at the door. We are Barberton, and as soon as we rid party lines, we will become a better city overall.

The list of candidates has been released, and I don’t see all the names of people that say I should vote for them. What is going on?

The Board of Elections has released a list of candidates that have been certified for the primaries in September. The list is for the Primaries and not for the General. Some candidates like Chris Ison are running as an independent. As an independent, they automatically go to the General Election in November. Also, some people did not meet the qualifications to be on the ballot. Most of these people may give pulled a petition to run but did not get the minimum amount of verifiable signatures.

I encourage you to reach out to any individual you have questions about. I am sure they can explain it better than I can.

If you are telling me I have to pull a Democrat ballot to vote for Carla Debevec, how can I vote for you at the same time if you are a Republican?

Good question but Primaries are to send one person from each party per position to the general. Since there is no other Republican running for Ward 1, I will not be on the primary ballot but rather the general in November. During a general election, you can vote for whomever you want. Again, I encourage you to do your homework and ask questions, but if you are solely looking to vote for Carla Debevec for Mayor, you are perfectly fine pulling a Democrat ballot in September and voting for me in the general in November.

Can I wait and vote for Carla Debevec in the General election, so I don’t have to pull a Democrat ballot?

NO. For Barberton, there is no Republican candidate for the Mayor position. The Primary race will decide who the next Mayor is. The winner in the primary will move forward to the General but with no opposition. By default, the winner will also win the general election. The deciding factor with who will win this election cycle will be determined by the primary election.

Why are you advocating for a Democrat Mayor?

To be clear, I am not advocating for a Mayor that is Democrat or Republican. I know no party lines, and I do not stand on either side but in the same conversations that I was asked how someone can vote for Carla Debevec while being Republican, I felt I must provide unbias attention to the specific question asked. I consider myself a Republican for many reasons, and it mostly has to do with my belief self-reliance and self-worth. I am a libertarian by every definition and if you ask me for information, I will provide the information openly and clearly as possible.

How do I vote for you?

This question is tricky to explain but simple to answer. I need you to show up and vote in November. If you live in Ward 1, I will be on your ballot when you go to vote. It does not matter if you are Democrat or Republican. You can vote for me openly without any party affiliation or destination change.

If you do not know what Ward you live in, you can visit my Ward Tool I built using data from the City of Barberton. Simply enter your address discreetly and it will show you what ward you live in. https://www.justin-greer.com/city-of-barberton-ward-map-tool/

I hope this blog post shines a light on some of the most commonly asked questions to date about the upcoming elections. If you have any other questions, you can always reach out to me on Facebook or at [email protected] I would be happy to address and share information about myself or the upcoming elections.