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Voter Registration Myths and Ensuring Your Signature is Valid

Since I have started running for Barberton City Council, I have met hundreds in not thousands of people and held more conversations than ever. There are always topics that come up, and my answer is almost always “You’re Not Alone.”. I wanted to put together a short post about some of the confusion circling voting, voter registration, and other voter topics.

First off, if you did not read my last article Common Questions with Answers about Voting in the Primary, I recommend heading there as some of this post adds to it.

Myths, Consufuion, and knowing with the confidence, you can support your choice of Candidates

Voter Registration is a MUST if you either want to support a candidate or vote in any election. Although both supporting and voting are a bit different in terms of how you are registered. There were a few people that signed a petition this year for candidates in Barberton and found out that their information was not correct, but yet they still were able to vote. The reason this is relevant now because of the number of supporters for the new candidates in the political race this year. Many people typically are not excited about politics, and this year they are. It means that little things that never mattered are now at the forefront.

As I said earlier, you must be registered to vote. You also need to make sure your information is correct across all platforms. Contrary to belief, the voter list is not part of the records at the BMV or post office. They are not connected but do matter when you are trying to support a candidate by signing a petition. When you register to vote, the BOE or Board of Elections relative to your county has your address. If you move and update your address on your driver license, it does not change your address the BOE has. You have to update your info by filling out a form. Updating your address can be done at the time of voting, but it must be correct you want to sign a petition.

If you need to update your address you can do so online for free at https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/.

For candidates wanting to run, you should always have voter registration forms so that people can update this information if it is correct. The form can be used to register a new voter as well and update a voters address.

Registering to Vote and Jury Judy

This is a big one. I have found that most people that refuse to register to vote do not want to be called for jury duty. After looking into this because I did not know the answer, I found out that this statement is TRUE. I would encourage people to still register to vote. It is the civic duty as a resident of the United States of America to vote and be a judge of peers.

Below is a snippet from the Common Please Court about registering to vote and the jury duty list.

24.02 Jury Source List

(A) Pursuant to Court Order, the jury source list shall be obtained from The Board of Elections’ list of registered voters. The Court shall designate a key number based on the total number of registered voters and the number of jurors needed for a year of service. The Jury Commissioners shall then receive a computer printout from the Board of Elections (for example, every 10th name).

(B) The jury source list shall be representative and shall be as inclusive of the adult population in the county as is feasible.

(C) The Court shall annually review the jury source list to ensure that it is as representative and inclusive of the adult population in the jurisdiction as is feasible.

(D) Should the Court determine that improvement is needed in the representativeness or inclusiveness of the jury source list, appropriate corrective action shall be taken.

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