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2019 AFSCME Contract Updates for the City of Barberton

Attached are the changes to the contract between the City of Barberton and AFSCME Ohio Chapter 8. You can view the old soon to be an outdated contract by clicking here.

The changes listed below have the article in the contract where the change will be made followed by the title and then changes (in bullets).


Article 2 Recognition (Neutral)

  • Add Payroll Administrator
  • Remove: Elevator Operator, Water Safety Instructor, Custodian, Life Guard

Article 2 (C) Seasonals

  • Seasonal Hours increased from 12,960 to 16,560 during seasonal work period

Article 8 Dues Check-off (US .Supreme Court Decision/Neutral)

  • Eliminates joining the union as a condition of, employment

Article 13 Overtime (Safety Sensitive DOT Regs/OSHA Guidance)

  • After sixteen (16) continuous hours of work employee may receive “rest time” of eight (8) continuous hours upon release from duty.

Article 16 Wage Rates and Compensation (Cost 2% increase= $l5k to Gf)

  • 2020 2%
  • 2021 Me Too clause with Police and Fire
  • 2022 Me Too clause with Police and Fire

Article 19 Out of Classification Pay (Neutral)

  • laborer Step 4 works out of class for an equipment Operator Step 3 the laborer shall be paid at Equipment Operator Step 4 rate.
  • Cleans up contract language from Crew Chief (position no longer exists) to Equipment Operator. (relative pay scale)

Article 20 Holidays. (Increased from 12 to 13 Paid Holidays)

  • Add: Employee’s Birthday

Article 22 Uniforms (Cost Neutral)

  • Certain departments added and others deleted-shall have uniforms supplied and laundered. These employees shall also have up t-o $150.00 reimbursed for cold-weather gear.
  • Building Department shall have up to $150.00 for cold-weather gear and polo-style collared shirts.