2020 City of Barberton Community Halloween Home Decoration Contest Information and Registration

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    1. Great question. I would suggest getting up and going as fast as possible. This list will go out Oct 1, 2020. The registrations will close Oct 10, and voting will start immediately following.

      If a property is not completed by Oct 10, it will be removed from the list and will not be added to the voting online.

  1. Need to do voting different than before so it not a friend game make it about the haunts. I didn’t get any more people drive by last year than years before. Just saying

    1. Great idea! Maybe starting with the Christmas one this year we can run the contest using Our Barberton app so that we can monitor.

    2. Agreed..It Doesn’t Seem To Be An Equitable Contest…Noticed Overwhelmingly Voting For Certain Residents, Within Moments Of Open Voting..And Other Extensive Displays, Not Getting Any Recognition..For Various Reasons, Unfortunately..

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