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The annual City of Barberton Community Halloween Home Decoration Contest is scheduled to kick off Oct 1, 2020. Registration will be open until Oct 10, 2020 and the contest will go until Oct 31, 2020 at 9am.

Last year there was over 20 entries of decorated homes around the City of Barberton. The event provided the local community a fun evening trip around the Barberton exploring homes that were decorated for the Halloween season. To my knowledge, there were visitors all the way from PA that enjoyed the event as well. This year, we are opening up the registration early.

This year’s winners will receive a certificate from the City of Barberton Community Groups, gift certificates for local businesses, and bragging rights.

Contest Registration

Registration is closed.

All information gathered is private and not shared with anyone outside the contest. Your address will be made public in a list for spectators but will not contain a name or any other information. You can request to be removed from the contest at any time. All entries are verified before being publicly listed.

All applicants MUST have a Barberton, Ohio address to qualify.

Please contact Justin Greer at [email protected] with any questions.


    1. Great question. I would suggest getting up and going as fast as possible. This list will go out Oct 1, 2020. The registrations will close Oct 10, and voting will start immediately following.

      If a property is not completed by Oct 10, it will be removed from the list and will not be added to the voting online.

  1. Need to do voting different than before so it not a friend game make it about the haunts. I didn’t get any more people drive by last year than years before. Just saying

    1. Great idea! Maybe starting with the Christmas one this year we can run the contest using Our Barberton app so that we can monitor.

    2. Agreed..It Doesn’t Seem To Be An Equitable Contest…Noticed Overwhelmingly Voting For Certain Residents, Within Moments Of Open Voting..And Other Extensive Displays, Not Getting Any Recognition..For Various Reasons, Unfortunately..

  2. I Have A Suggestion For Next Year…Instead Of Registration, Why Not Go By Nominations, For The North-South-East, And West Sections Of The City….Then Have Your Panel Of Impartial Judges Tour The Nominated Display’s During The Day & Night, To Get Full Effect Of The Display’s…..Could Possible Have A Winner In Each Area (4)…..Just An Observation….Thank You For Your Time…

    1. Thank you for your feedback!

      The contest could have different tiers and I will explore the idea next year. I also like the nomination idea. I was going to try it but then had many of the houses complain because they did not want to be in the contest.

      We just have to explore, refine, and improve!

      Thanks again

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