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The Veterans History Project or VHP is a program through the Library of Congress and encourages veterans to share their experiences through an interview process. The interview and all supporting documents are then archived at the Library of Congress for in-person and digital reference.

My goal for this project locally is to ensure that every local Veteran in the City of Barberton that would like to share their story has the ability to do so. Utilizing technology, I want to ensure the best possible version of a Veterans’ story is preserved for eternity.


Contact [email protected] with the form found at https://www.loc.gov/vets/pdf/vhp-2018-fieldkit-biographical.pdf. This form is used to credit the Veteran and properly copyright material. This form also allows me (the interviewer) to form questions specific to your experiences. An example would be that the Veteran was awarded a Purple Heart, and questions catered to the award would then be presented.

Questions will be presented before the interview to allow time for recalling events and details which in turn provides the best story possible.


We will schedule a time and place to meet for the interview. The attire and environment for the interview are informal. Before the interview, we will ensure audio and video are ideal. Our meeting can include images, diaries, and other supporting documentation. Please keep in mind that the Library of Congress encourages only original items to be sent for archiving. No scans or photocopies will be accepted for archiving. I, however, would love to collect scans and photocopies for local records.

The interview will be a minimum of 30 minutes. A break can be taken but must be more than 30 minutes of interview time.


The interview, along with artifacts, will be packaged. The Veteran will receive a copy of the interview digitally. The completed package will be mailed to the Library of Congress, where it will be archived accordingly.

Answers to Common Questions

The biographical form is required but is not presented to the public in an unreacted form. Personal information is redacted upon any request for the form.

A Veteran can provide your DD-214 or other overview form but the Library of Congress as that mailing address, SS#, and any other identifying info is redacted.

Veterans are welcome and encourage to stop the interview for any reason at any time if it becomes overwhelming or uncomfortable. Unfinished meetings are not stored and are deleted.

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