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The Breakdown with Justin Greer - Barberton Ohio

Man has the world been a busy place for the past few years. With COVID closing just about everything and forcing us to change how we operate, I have grown to have a greater passion for things I once overlooked.

Being a Councilperson that is younger, I am always looking for the latest and greatest way to connect with people. Social media has been a great tool for putting out information but it has become a pool of armchair experts that were never told by their parents to keep quiet if they did not have anything productive to say. So where does one turn to if they have had their daily dose of Karens on Social Media? …Podcasts, radio, or somewhere that is not a physical print is one way.

Starting April of 2022, I will be firing back up my podcast called The Breakdown. The podcast was originally launched in 2020 when voting was overly complicated in the City of Barberton. With over 4k in listeners, it showed me there is a desire and a void that needed to be filled. Given the success of the short-run series, why not bring it back to a bi-weekly show?

Keep an eye out for the latest and greatest on all major podcast platforms. The series will be streamed to Facebook and YouTube as well for those that listen to it that way.

If there is a topic you want to hear about or you want to join in, please feel free by reaching out to me on Facebook.

Visit the show on Anchor at https://anchor.fm/the-breakdown-justingreer and on all major podcast platforms.

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