About Justin Greer

Growing up in Barberton, I lived on the one-way section of Orchard Ave. The neighborhood was booming with something always just a block away. Crisman Park with Sarge was a staple in the summer months, or I would make short walks to spend the last of my lunch money on a pack of gum at Clark Gas Station.

What we would give to just go back to the good ol days.

Growing up I would have never guessed I would be in the career I am in now. Politics is dirty and if someone must do it, I will be its huckleberry.

As an adult now with my own family, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and be the change that I want to see in my Community. The challenges have been rough but I will gladly claw my way through a system to beat the odds and make my hometown a better place.

Family Life

I was raised in Barberton, Ohio, as the oldest of four children. I have two brothers and a sister, making us a family of four. After leaving the house and setting out on my own, I joined the Military and shortly after married my Highschool sweetheart, Jessica. We now have two young children, Justin Jr and Pheobe, along with our two Austrian Shepards, and call Barberton our home.

Justin Greer Family - Barberton Ohio 44203

A Love For Our Country

In 2007, I joined the United States Army as an Infantryman. I was stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA, and quickly deployed for my first combat tour in Iraq. After returning from Iraq in 2008, I was selected to try out for our Sniper Section. After graduating from United States Army Sniper School in 2009 (class 03-09), I was deployed to Iraq once again. Before leaving the Military in 2011, I earned the rank of E-5 Sergeant with multiple metals and achievements that I proudly display in my showcase.

Sniper School was the absolute hardest thing I have ever done.

Career Success

In 2011, I started a small tech startup called Justin Greer Interactive, LLC. The name was hard to come up with, but the objective was to provide a place for incubation that would allow me to grow in the Information Technology realm.

To get my feet wet, I started working as a junior developer for a web design company in Willoughby, Ohio. The company was an amazing little business that allowed me to grow professionally and ultimately was the stepping stone into running my successful business today. While working, I was able to get a degree in Business and Information Technology through the University of Pheonix to go hand in hand with my experience.

In 2015, I rebranded my company as Dash10 Digital and focused on Software Engineering and Custom Development. Today, I employ workers from around the United States and sell my own software to companies small and large. I also provide Cyber Security Services for State and Government Agencies all around the world.

Paying It Forward

Today I love to connect and network with our youth. When the time is right, I do public speeches for the local Junior Achievement programs. My goal is to help show our future new and innovative ways to look at their own future.