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Lead by Example

About Justin Greer

Good leaders must lead by example. By leading from the front and walking the talk I will be the one that you will want to follow. I will be hard on the facts and push for what is right.

Barberton Cub Scout Leader for Pack 3101
Decorated Combat Veteran - OIF 8,9,10, New Dawn

Combat Veteran

Being a City Council representative is much different from being in the Military. However, the Military instills values that create leadership and commitment that directly translate.

For the People Loyal Integrity Steadfastness
Locally Committed

to our Community

For the past couple of years, I have dedicated a large portion of my time to make sure the community is informed and heard. I want to continue my commitment as your representative.

Regular Volunteer and Leader in the Community
Adopt-Park Volunteer

Leader in the Community

I develop, organize and run local programs throughout the City of Barbeton. Everything from Better Barberton Clean Ups twice a month to Adopt-a-Park through the Parks and Recreation.

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