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My plan as a council member for the City of Barberton

I believe you should always ask questions, call out names of positions directly when needed, and stand up and hold your ground when the odds are against you. You are judged not by the way you fall but how you choose to get back up and try again. I have seen what can happen when […]

Volunteering is Infectious

If you have ever done something that made you feel accomplished while helping, then you know the feeling I am about to talk about in this blog post. Volunteering for me is something that I do multiple times a week for one organization or another. I find pride, satisfaction, and meaning by spending some time […]

City of Barberton Information is Public Record. 3 Steps to Making a FOIA Request

I am all for 100% transparency, and with that said, this article will cover the proper way to request public information from the City of Barberton. Step 1: Identify What You Want I want to note that being responsible with a Freedom of Information Request will more than likely yield you a better outcome. However, […]

Barberton Drinking Water Analysis Results

I recently took it upon my self to purchase a few high-end water analysis kits to test my homes water. I had every intention of submitting a few water samples to a reputable water testing laboratory. After the tests came back, I decided not to go the extra mile as the test results were satisfying. […]

How to Express Your Concerns with the City

You hear “Just call the City” all the time. Every time you hear the statement, you feel a small amount of hopelessness. You may even feel intimidated at times because it is you vs. the City of Barberton. I understand your frustration and experienced it myself until I took the plunge and navigated the system to make sure […]

Protected: The Story Behind the BarbertonFirst Movement

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Honor Crewing the RiteAid KidScents DreamShip at the Hall of Fame Balloon Classic

This past weekend I was invited by some friends to crew for the DreamShip hot air balloon at the Football Hall of Fame Balloon Classic. The DreamShip is a very special balloon and has roughly a 1/3rd if the balloons panels are designed by children of fallen and wounded Veterans. It is sponsored by RiteAid’s […]

It’s Time to Contribute and Help Barberton

Being part of a community is more than juts living there. What makes a community better is the people! The people are the very foundation of every town. It is our job as citizens of Barberton, Ohio to make our home safer. By being active in the community our town will only get better. Where […]

Understanding Issue 8 Road Tax for Barberton, Ohio

If you talk to anyone in Barberton, Ohio about what can be improved or what they thought the current administration could be doing better, you will find 2 issues over and over again. The Roads The Flooding Some that are reading this may disagree but I personally asked residents and came to these conclusions. There […]

The Most Humbling Selfish Act of Kindness, Barberton Ohio and Salvation Army

Every 4th Friday, the Barberton Salvation Army hosts a Food Bank. If you do not know about this service, don’t feel bad. I have been involved and I had absolutely no idea how involved and elaborate the Food Bank is here in Town. Along with BACM and other local churches these organizations lend a hand […]